Create digital generative art easily.

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Zazow is a digital art creation tool that empowers individuals to bring their artistic visions to life through the use of four distinct algorithms. With Mandelbrot Fractals, users can immerse themselves in recursive image exploration via interactive zooming. The Plasma tool offers a unique experience where users can place points within an image to see colors flow from those points. By leveraging Spiro, users can create spiral patterns while overlapping colors, and the Bauhaus tool allows users to make tiled geometric shapes.
Following the artwork's creation, Zazow offers users the option to save it to their community, download it for other uses, or even convert it into an NFT. Zazow is designed to be user-friendly, offering complete control over each element of the artwork. Notifications are available for innovative new tools and NFT options, ensuring that users stay up-to-date.
Use Case
Image generation