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5.0 | AI Tools
Hana is an AI-powered chatbot designed to provide users with constant conversation, emotional support, and advice. The chatbot is highly customizable, and users can interact with Hana on a variety of topics and emotions. Hana also features a memory retention system that enables it to remember previous conversations, creating a smooth and seamless conversation flow for the user.
Ensuring users' privacy is a top priority for Hana, which uses high-grade security measures like OpenSSL and AES-256-CBC cipher to encrypt all conversations. Hana also has web search capabilities that allow users to look up information while they chat.
Available on Telegram and planning to expand to other platforms, Hana comes in four subscription levels - Neophyte, Trailblazer, Singularity and Singularity Plus. The first and most basic subscription level is free and includes 10,000 free neuros, customizable personality, encrypted conversations and web search capabilities. The other subscription levels come with additional features such as interactive conversations, longer memory retention, access to Hana's inner thoughts, and priority support.
Overall, Hana offers a unique and comprehensive companion experience with its customizable personality and subscription levels. It aims to provide users with a personalized and companion-like experience, helping maintain continuity in the chat with its memory retention system.
Starting at $9/mo
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