Fast and secure ChatGPT interface.

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YakGPT is a user-friendly interface designed to make connecting with ChatGPT more effortless and efficient. This UI runs directly on a browser, without requiring installation, allowing users to interact with the AI language model through a simple and intuitive interface. YakGPT's standout feature is its quick mic integration that allows users to speak their queries to ChatGPT instead of typing them out.
This tool is faster and lighter than the official UI, connecting directly to the API, and allowing users to use their own API key to enhance data privacy and security. YakGPT's dark theme interface ensures easy viewing, and users can customize their experience through the settings menu based on their preferences.
Overall, YakGPT is an essential tool for individuals looking for a straightforward and efficient way to interact with ChatGPT. It provides advanced features such as mic integration, and the ability to use an API key for data privacy. YakGPT is ideal for those who prefer a local UI over the official web-based platform. This tool is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible for all users.
  • https://yakgpt.vercel.app/?ref=spottheai
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