AI business assistant for team queries.

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Wondrful is an innovative AI business assistant that operates as an extension of any manager. Its primary function is to simplify their workload by handling repetitive and less complex queries from their employees. Powered by ChatGPT and designed to maintain internal communication security, Wondrful is equipped to answer questions based on a company's documents, such as Google docs files, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, Slack AI chatbot, and Word. An upcoming feature will include support for Teams, Telegram, and Email.
Aside from reducing the workload of managers, Wondrful offers a variety of payment options, including monthly and annual plans. The software's 14-day free trial period does not require a credit card, and businesses with fewer than 10 employees can enjoy up to 100 free questions per month. Wondrful has a user-friendly interface that enables managers to focus on more critical tasks, making it a must-have in the corporate world.
  • https://www.wondrful.co/?ref=spottheai
Use Case
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