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Weaverse is a website builder that caters to users looking to build high-performance eCommerce storefronts. It utilizes headless frameworks such as Shopify Hydrogen, Remix, and NextJS to offer speedy page rendering performance. With its drag and drop visual page builder, users can create pages without the stress of messing up frontend code, and its embedded script editor makes it possible for expert web developers to customize source code and access a whole new level of developer experience.
Weaverse boasts of a smart grid layout system that easily positions elements, and its mobile-responsive design allows customers to shop comfortably from anywhere. The platform offers a range of essential design elements, including mobile responsive templates, drag-and-drop page elements, and a custom code editor that allows users to add their unique code. The Weaverse AI assistant streamlines tedious tasks, enabling users to build pages quickly and efficiently.
Additionally, Weaverse boasts of a library of section templates, and a starter plan that is completely free, making it ideal for Shopify sellers looking to build high-converting stores without worrying about front-end web design or CSS.
Starting at $5/mo
  • https://www.weaverse.io/?ref=spottheai
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