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Governed data and AI store.

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Watsonx.data is an advanced data store specifically designed to help enterprises streamline their analytics and AI capabilities. With its governed approach and AI-infused automation, this powerful tool enables users to access and share data in an open, hybrid environment. Watsonx.data supports all data, analytics, and AI workloads, allowing users to connect to data sources quickly and obtain reliable insights.
The tool features a shared metadata layer, a single point of entry that provides users with the ability to manage and access all data. Watsonx.data also implements governance, security, and automation features that enhance trust in the data.
One of the tool's unique benefits is its ability to reduce data warehouse costs by optimizing and scaling costly data warehouse workloads across multiple query engines and storage tiers. Watsonx.data supports a range of fit-for-purpose query engines, including Presto, Spark, Db2, and Netezza, which dynamically scale up and down to reduce analytics costs.
Further, Watsonx.data allows users to store vast amounts of data in vendor-agnostic open formats such as Parquet, Avro, and Apache ORC. The tool includes semantic automation to discover, refine, augment, and visualize Watsonx.data and metadata through the power of Watsonx.ai models.
Watsonx.data also enables enterprises to build, train, deploy, and monitor trusted AI models with data in the lakehouse to ensure compliance with lineage and reproducibility of data used for AI.
Finally, Watsonx.data simplifies data transformation, enriches data for consumption using SQL, Python, or an AI-infused conversational interface, and supports self-service access for multiple users while applying centralized governance and local policy enforcement for security and compliance.
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