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Location-based financial advice from AI

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Wallet.AI is a San Francisco-based company devoted to enhancing personal finance through the use of intelligent engines. By analyzing millions of pieces of data, their AI tool provides location-based financial advice to help people make better decisions. Wallet.AI seeks to improve the customer analytics service for banks and capital markets by using smart machines to inform users of their financial behavior and recommend better options for daily financial decisions.
The company has received positive press coverage from NPR, Wired, and Institutional Investor, among others, for their work in empowering people to monitor and quantify their finances. Wallet.AI builds intelligent engines that automatically extract and process data to provide valuable insights to users. The tool is designed to help people make informed decisions about their finances and improve their overall financial health.
Wallet.AI's website features a request invite option for users to access their AI tool. In addition, the company invites developers and journalists to reach out for more information and engagement. Overall, Wallet.AI's tool is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to improve their daily financial decisions using AI technology. With its advanced analytical capabilities, Wallet.AI is helping people get a better handle on their finances, one piece of data at a time.
  • https://wallet.ai/?ref=spottheai
Use Case
Expense & income tracking