Human-like text-to-speech in multiple languages

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Voiser is a machine learning technology designed to provide a text-to-speech conversion program that sounds like a real human voice. With access to over 550 voice options across more than 75 languages, it's one of the most human-like text-to-speech solutions available in the market today.
Aside from its impressive range of language support, Voiser also offers a reverse feature, which converts speech to text. Interested users can try this solution for free, with a 50-character limit, and access additional packages for more extensive usage and premium voices.
Users can stay true to their regional dialect or opt for an accent they prefer. Voiser's language options include Turkish (Turkey), Afrikaans (South Africa), German (Germany), Dutch (Belgium), English (United States), French (Belgium), Spanish (Spain), Chinese (Mandarin, Simplified), and more.
The voices range in quality from HD to HQ, and users can choose from a selection of names like Ibrahim, Meryem, Filiz, Aylin, Berk, Berra, and Hakan. Moreover, Voiser also allows users to selectively show slang words, and they can choose to turn punctuation on or off.
With a user-friendly interface, Voiser is an excellent tool for individuals seeking to convert text to speech while staying true to their desired regional dialect.
  • https://voiser.net/?ref=spottheai
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