Remove vocals from music tracks.

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Vocal Remover is an AI-based tool that allows users to remove the vocal track from any music track, leaving behind only the background music. This feature is ideal for creating backing tracks and karaoke versions of songs. The tool employs advanced machine learning algorithms that can separate vocals from any song in just one minute, making the process incredibly fast and efficient. Once the processing is complete, users can enjoy two outputs: a Karaoke version of their song with vocals removed, and a Vocals Only version with music removed.
Vocal Remover boasts three price plans, with the highest plan enabling users to process up to 50 songs. The product guarantees lossless sound quality, ultra-fast conversion, and instant support. Users can try out the product through an online demo where they can upload their music files and see the tool in action.
Moreover, Vocal Remover provides users with access to a support form where they can send specific inquiries to the team. Additionally, users can find important links to Vocal Remover's terms of use, privacy policy, FAQ, and API, ensuring that they are getting a safe and secure service. Designed for user convenience, Vocal Remover is an excellent tool that users can easily access online to elevate music creation.
Starting at $7.99
  • https://vocalremover.com/?ref=spottheai
Use Case
Music editing