Vocads Survey

AI survey platform using voice conversations.

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Vocads is a powerful AI-driven survey platform that is changing the customer surveying experience for companies. With its innovative approach, Vocads collects real, honest and comprehensive feedback from customers through voice conversations with AI. This unique methodology generates more accurate and detailed information, providing companies with deeper insights into customer behavior and allowing them to adjust their strategies to retain their loyal clients.
Using Vocads is easy and does not require any coding experience, allowing businesses to engage both customers and employees in the survey process. The platform also prioritizes data sovereignty and GDPR compliance protocols, ensuring that companies are in full control of their data.
Beyond collecting words and information, Vocads also captures emotional responses and feelings from its survey participants, further enriching the customer insights. With its real-time survey option, Vocads is able to increase customer engagement, producing faster and more reliable results. The platform has received positive feedback from various partners and clients who have reported significant improvements in customer experience after using Vocads. The platform also features a regularly updated blog and newsletter that discusses the latest trends in voice data, providing users with valuable information and insights. Currently, Vocads is available for use on a wide range of platforms.
  • https://www.vocads.com/?ref=spottheai
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