Personalized AI-generated video avatars.

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VirtualYou is a unique AI-powered service that allows users to create a personalized video of a virtual version of themselves. Using a photo of the user and text of their choice, the service utilizes AI technology to create an animated avatar that speaks the selected content. The video packages offered include Launch, Classic, and Plus offers, each with various options for male or female voices and a choice of background color.
To ensure top-quality results, VirtualYou verifies all AI models manually and deletes the user's photo and AI model after the avatar's creation and verification. It is recommended to provide a photo that shows the user's upper body and a clear view of their face for successful outcomes.
Upon payment, users receive an email with instructions on how to send their photos and other necessary information. The service then works on the order, and the user will receive their personalized video in less than 24 hours. VirtualYou has applications for both personal and professional uses, such as creating presentations, online content, or video marketing.
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