Converts videos to text using AI.

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The Video2Text tool, available on GitHub, is an open-source video-to-text converter powered by the advanced AI technology of OpenAI Whisper. This convenient tool simply requires the user to fill out a form with the YouTube video URL and language before the transcription process begins. The tool automatically generates a text transcript, which appears underneath the form for easy viewing.
To use the Video2Text tool, users must download a file containing the converter and then execute it on their computer. The code for the tool is open-source and easily accessible on GitHub for verification purposes.
Designed for an array of users, ranging from researchers and educators to journalists and content creators, the Video2Text tool is a user-friendly and free resource. The tool installation process requires users to install ffmpeg software.
Although the tool is offered for free, the developer welcomes donations of $5 or more to support their work. If users have any questions or concerns, contact information is readily provided. Overall, the Video2Text tool is a trustworthy and secure choice for those seeking to transcribe videos into text.
Use Case
Video transcription & translation