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Versational™ is an advanced AI-Driven Conversation Enablement Platform designed to streamline communication and collaboration for businesses. The platform's cutting-edge technology allows users to capture real-time insights from conversations and compress 1-hour meetings into just 6 minutes of key points. Additionally, it auto-exports tasks to CRM systems for increased efficiency.
Leveraging advanced behavioral science metrics, Versational™ is an ideal tool for coaching purposes. It features AI-powered custom topic trackers that detect essential insights, like identified needs, objections, and buyer perceived value. The platform can also automatically detect action items and issues with up to 84% accuracy, assigning, scheduling, and confirming action items with just a single click.
Moreover, Versational™ boasts AI-Topics™, which enable users to track custom topics with greater accuracy than traditional keywords and unsupervised topics. This functionality helps users discover emerging themes and provides actionable insights.
Versational™ is a powerful tool that offers numerous applications in sales teams, virtual education, product marketing, onboarding and training, recruiting, and project/program management. With its user-friendly interface, Versational™ simplifies workflow and enhances productivity in various business functions. The platform is available on the Versational™ website.
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