AI-powered financial services for startups.

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Truewind is a revolutionary financial tool that utilizes AI technology to provide startups with a comprehensive suite of financial services. By combining AI and concierge service, Truewind delivers accurate bookkeeping and detailed financial models, allowing startups to manage their investors and build solid financial plans with precise growth goals and expense targets.
Truewind's cutting-edge platform makes it possible for startups to close their books within days, enabling faster business decisions and increased efficiency. With Truewind's AI-powered back office finance experience, users can expect unmatched accuracy and timely results. The platform's concierge team also boasts a team of finance experts, who work tirelessly to manage books and taxes, ensuring a world-class support experience for all customers.
Trusted by hyper-growth startups and countless satisfied customers, Truewind is an impressive solution that offers a complete financial package customized to the unique needs of startups. The platform delivers accurate and prompt reports with minimal errors, providing better transparency and faster monthly closes for better-informed business decisions. With its unparalleled combination of AI and human intervention, Truewind is the ideal partner for any startup seeking top-notch financial services.
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