AI trading toolkit for retail traders.

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Tradytics is an AI-powered trading toolkit designed specifically for retail traders. With its comprehensive range of tools including trade ideas, live options flow, market dashboards, ticker dashboards, and technical analysis tools, the platform offers a holistic and easy-to-use trading solution.
The AI engine at the core of Tradytics analyses millions of data points to generate informed trade ideas, giving users a significant advantage in the market.
Accessible on Web, iOS, and Android, Tradytics is highly convenient and suitable for use on all devices.
The platform has been welcomed by a large user base of over 48,000 traders, with an impressive success rate. Numerous traders have reported gains of 4x their investment in a day and up to 345% in their “gambling” accounts.
The platform also features an active community of traders that offer insights and support to fellow members, making it an ideal platform for new traders.
Overall, Tradytics provides retail traders with equal opportunities to access the same data and insights as larger market players on Wall Street.
Starting at $69/user
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