Automated AI time tracking solution.

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TimeGPT is an AI-powered time tracking solution that enhances productivity. Unlike traditional manual tracking, TimeGPT automates the process, allowing users to gain an in-depth understanding of how they spend their time. The tool automatically monitors all activities and links them to relevant projects, utilizing AI suggestions based on past entries. TimeGPT generates insightful reports that provide productivity insights to users.
The software is compatible with major professional tools such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite and offers a range of features, including bulk rename and reorganization, keyboard shortcuts, color-coded activities, managed sources, copy and paste activities, and auto-updater. With its private and secure cloud storage, TimeGPT ensures that all time entries and computer usage data are always accessible.
Built on powerful AI and GPT-4 technology, TimeGPT is trusted by leading professionals as an intelligent and accurate time tracking tool. Its aim is to optimize workflows and maximize productivity.
  • https://www.timegpt.pro/?ref=spottheai
Use Case
Time tracking