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TileMaker is a cutting-edge AI-powered tool that empowers users to create stunning wallpapers and backgrounds within seconds. Fueled by Material Diffusion, Replicate, Vercel, and GitHub, it provides a wide range of materials for users to select and experiment with.
With TileMaker, creating custom wallpapers is effortless. Users can tweak parameters such as the number, color, and size of tiles with ease. For added visual impact, TileMaker also supports flamingo oil painting.
The app is not just user-friendly but also developer-friendly. Developers can clone the TileMaker GitHub repository to build their own AI-powered applications. TileMaker's easy-to-use interface and robust features make it a powerful tool for anyone to create unique and visually appealing wallpapers effortlessly.
  • https://tilemaker.app/?ref=spottheai
Use Case
Tile generation