The Interview

Streamlined recruitment with customized questions.

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The Interview is a recruitment platform that simplifies the hiring process for companies. It enables them to create customized job listings and add interview questions tailored to their specific requirements. In turn, candidates can apply and answer these questions through asynchronous videos, which saves time for both the company and the candidate.
Additionally, the platform streamlines the hiring process by allowing companies to evaluate candidates' skills and qualifications in-depth. The Interview features a built-in rating system, which makes comparing and contrasting applicants based on qualifications, skills, and responses more effortless.
The platform is incredibly user-friendly and includes a mobile feature that enables companies to review candidate feedback and make informed hiring decisions on-the-go. Moreover, The Interview follows GDPR-compliant standards, with high ethical data handling practices. Its authentication method eliminates the need for passwords, and the secure file storage distributes data across numerous nodes, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.
Companies can leverage The Interview to find the right person for the job and make informed hiring decisions efficiently.
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