Text to Design

AI-powered design generation for Figma.

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Text to Design is a game-changing Figma plugin that leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to create stunning and functional design elements from text descriptions. The app is specifically designed for Figma users, streamlining the design process by generating countless unique design elements such as product cards, navigation bars, and hero sections, among others, using simple text descriptions.
The AI design generation functionality interprets the text input and generates custom-made design suggestions, while the AI image generation feature produces realistic images based on the descriptions, adding a visual dimension to the designs. Importantly, Text to Design integrates seamlessly with Figma, enabling users to import the generated design directly into their project.
Text to Design also features an analytical mode that offers AI-generated suggestions for design elements, giving users a helping hand in bringing their ideas to life. The design mode produces visually appealing designs based on text input, while the image mode utilizes AI to create captivating icons and lifelike images.
Overall, Text to Design represents a significant leap forward in the design process, unlocking the limitless potential of AI-powered design generation. It saves time and effort for both non-designers and designers alike, enabling them to create stunning visuals for their projects with ease.
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Use Case
Product design