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AI resume builder with templates and features.

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5.0 | AI Tools
The Free AI Resume Builder is a powerful online tool that harnesses the power of AI and GPT to help users create professional resumes quickly and effortlessly. It offers a simple interface for users to upload their existing resume or LinkedIn profile, select which job experiences to include, and choose from three different resume templates. With the ability to download the finished product in PDF and Word formats, users can easily tailor their resumes to the specific needs of different job applications.
The AI Resume Builder offers an array of advanced features, such as ATS-compliant professional templates, AI-generated summaries, achievements, cover letters, and real-time feedback. Users can take advantage of the resume checker tool, which includes expert tips and tricks, as well as matches resumes to job descriptions.
The Teal resume generator tool enables users to create and export unlimited resumes with different content, while the AI Cover Letter Generator merges resumes with job descriptions to create relevant cover letters for each application. The AI Career Enhancement features include work styles, job tracking, and career hub, with the premium version offering unlimited resumes and job tracking, top five keywords, and limited AI usage.
The free version offers unlimited advanced resume analysis, unlimited resume keyword matching, unlimited AI usage for resume achievements, professional summaries, and cover letters, unlimited keywords, unlimited email templates, and 24/7 email support. With its user-friendly interface and sophisticated technology, the Free AI Resume Builder is an indispensable resource for anyone looking to create a professional resume quickly and efficiently.
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