Taskheat AI Assistant

Innovative task management app for macOS/iOS

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Taskheat is a task management app that simplifies the process of organizing and tracking daily tasks across multiple devices. Available on macOS, iPadOS, and iOS, Taskheat visually facilitates task-list management with its innovative flowchart feature, which provides a comprehensive overview of all tasks users have in progress. With the inclusion of linking capabilities, users can create, modify, and delete existing links to their tasks, effectively managing complex relationships.
Users can also assign color-coded tags to their tasks, receive notifications when a task is due, and delegate specific tasks to third-party individuals who have the necessary skills to complete them. The Taskheat AI Assistant, available on Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices, generates tasks based on input for building a task flow. It should be noted that the AI Assistant is still in beta testing and may be subject to change regarding availability, content, and pricing in future releases.
Taskheat's free-to-try application offers a two-week trial period, allowing users to evaluate the app's suitability for their needs. It has a single purchase fee for all versions, and pricing varies depending on the user's location and currency. Taskheat uses cookies to personalize its users' experience and has a privacy policy that users should review before using the app. Overall, Taskheat is an efficient and user-friendly task management app that streamlines the process of task organization and tracking across different devices.
  • https://eyen.fr/taskheat/?ref=spottheai
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