Artificially create real-world data

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Syntho is a platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to generate synthetic data, an artificial form of data that closely resembles real-world data yet is completely free from private and sensitive information. The platform provides extended features to support the Syntho Engine, which generates this synthetic data with a focus on accuracy, safety, and quality.
Synthetic data generated by Syntho is highly valuable for various applications, including testing of software, building strong data foundations, and creating product demos, without compromising confidentiality. The platform has been designed to deliver consistent and reliable results across different business sectors, guaranteeing the quality of the synthetic data output.
Syntho offers a range of pricing plans for subscribers to choose from, ensuring everyone can find the right plan to suit their specific needs and budgets. The platform also provides career opportunities for those interested in exploring the team, company values, and relevant downloads.
Further, Syntho offers an innovative PII scanner to prevent any exposure of sensitive personal information through the datasets or databases. Overall, Syntho is a valuable tool for businesses seeking to accelerate their data-driven tech solutions with high-quality synthetic data.
Use Case
Synthetic data generation