Real-time conversation transcription and analytics.

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Description is a conversation intelligence platform that leverages advanced deep learning models to provide real-time transcription and insights of unstructured conversation data. Designed for developers, the tool offers solutions to a range of industries, including revenue intelligence, events and webinars, remote collaboration, contact centers, and recruiting intelligence. comes packed with features that support custom trackers, summarization, topic modeling, transcription, conversation analytics, and pre-built UI and components for voice, audio, and text data. With its unique APIs technology, enables real-time and asynchronous speech recognition for unstructured human conversations, adding intelligence with a single API call. The platform also allows keyword, phrase, and intent detection in less than 400 milliseconds, both in real-time and through batch/ asynchronous requests. includes speech-to-text integration, making it the most accurate and asynchronous speech recognition API built for human conversations. Its conversation analytics feature generates various metrics to enhance user or agent conversation analytics, such as talk-to-listen ratios, words per minute, talk time, and topic-based sentiments. It also supports processing conversations and extracting insights across various conversation channels, including video or audio files, telephony, and streaming. offers excellent customer support, providing flexible plans with no usage commitments and scalable growth options. Developers can take advantage of's advanced technology to gain insights from unstructured conversational data and drive business growth.
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