Instant text summarization tool

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SummerEyes is an advanced AI-powered summarization tool that streamlines your workflow by rapidly summarizing online text. This innovative tool discards filler words and cuts straight to the point, saving you a considerable amount of time. SummerEyes relies on cutting-edge AI models and 400 million parameters to deliver summaries that are lightning-fast, remarkably convenient, exceptionally insightful, and extremely valuable.
Currently available as a Chrome extension, SummerEyes will soon be accessible on Safari, Firefox, and Brave. With SummerEyes, you can go through every newsletter, understand any article, and scan through company-wide emails within seconds right from your browser.
By signing up for a free subscription, you'll gain early access to the founding team and access to exclusive discounts for forthcoming releases. SummerEyes is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you be more productive and efficient in your daily work.
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