Sudowrite 4.0(3)

AI writing tool with beta feedback

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4.0(3) | AI Tools
Sudowrite is an innovative AI writing tool that aims to accelerate the novel or screenplay creation process for authors. Praised by acclaimed publications like The New Yorker, The NY Times, and The Verge, and endorsed by numerous successful authors and journalists, Sudowrite provides an array of features that can assist users in enhancing their writing skills.
One of its most significant functions is the brainstorming buddy that offers beta feedback and critiques, helping authors kickstart their creativity. Additionally, the "Show, Not Tell" button allows users to advance their writing style by prompting them to show, rather than tell, their story.
Sudowrite has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for writers of all levels to use, making it a preferred option for individuals who have no prior experience with AI tools. The tool is offered on a free trial basis before users are required to pay for a monthly subscription. Sudowrite can significantly boost productivity and, in turn, help users deliver superior content.
Starting at $10/mo
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