AI-powered stock market dashboard.

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Stockstack.AI is an innovative personal stock market data dashboard that harnesses the power of AI technology. Providing an array of features, this intuitive app offers users the ability to track and monitor stocks they are interested in using the watchlist feature. The recently viewed section also offers historical information on previously viewed stocks.
Real-time updates on active symbols include the company's name and percentage change in value, allowing users to stay up-to-date with market fluctuations. Additionally, top gainers and losers are featured on the app, complete with their current price and percentage change in price.
Sector trackers display the percentage change in value of various sectors, including consumer discretionary, energy, and technology. An experimental AI assistant is powered by ChatGPT, providing a unique and cutting-edge feature.
To access the app's full functionality, users must log in and enable JavaScript. Stockstack.AI is designed to create a personalized and streamlined experience for individuals tracking their stock investments, providing real-time data at their fingertips in an intuitive, accessible format.
Use Case
Stock market analysis