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Steppit is a cutting-edge platform that empowers users to effortlessly create and sell step-by-step guides and online courses. With an AI-powered planner and a user-friendly course builder, the platform makes it simple and cost-effective to produce video courses without requiring specialized equipment for video editing. Steppit extends its assistance through the course creation process, allowing users to create and market unlimited courses for free.
Through its AI assistant, the platform enables users to estimate the earning potential of their courses by guiding them through a brief series of questions. Steppit aims to enhance the learning experience by providing engaging courses that take learners step-by-step through the material, providing hands-on instruction in dedicated classes. The platform maintains a 97% satisfaction rate among learners, who benefit from private classes, premium content, and easy-to-follow videos. Additionally, learners can benefit from interactive feedback, personal branding, and drip-fed content, among other advanced features.
Steppit's capabilities are entirely free for users to utilize, allowing individuals to create and distribute endless courses. Users who wish to access additional features, such as AI-assisted video summaries, extended AI-assisted course planning, priority customer support, and much more, can sign up for Steppit's Pro Channel at a fee of £30 per month. Ultimately, Steppit simplifies the creation and distribution of immersive online courses, making it an excellent asset for entrepreneurs and educators.
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