AI tool for SQL queries guidance

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SQL GPT is an AI tool designed to help users navigate the complexities of writing and understanding SQL requests. Using the advanced ChatGPT technology, this tool provides expert guidance and support, empowering users to improve their database management skills.
By importing their database schema into the tool, users can easily generate customized queries. With options to select specific tables and input query details, SQL GPT streamlines the process of database management.
Registered users of SQL GPT receive various benefits such as a higher rate limit for API requests, the ability to use their API keys and select from multiple openAI models, and access to stored database schemas for future use. Additionally, the tool provides a convenient history of past requests.
Although still in beta, the creators of SQL GPT are committed to continuous improvement to meet the ever-evolving needs of database management professionals. With its mantra 'built with ❤️ in Bali,' this tool is available for users worldwide.
  • https://sqlgpt.tech/?ref=spottheai
Use Case
SQL queries