Spot 3.0

Virtual office space for teams

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Spot is an online tool designed to create a virtual office space where teams can collaborate in a secure and private environment. It offers similar features to popular online tools like Slack and Zoom, but with additional functionalities aimed at enhancing team spirit. With Spot, users can walk up to their colleagues' virtual desks, high-five, celebrate big victories, and even decorate the online office.
This platform also includes features such as simultaneous screen sharing, whiteboards, enhanced screen sharing, polls, and a shared music player that encourage collaboration and team engagement. Furthermore, Spot prioritizes security by providing advanced features such as TLS encryption, enterprise-level roles and permissions, private spaces and rooms, and lockable meetings.
Spot's unique offerings have helped teams to stay connected, productive, and secure even in remote work settings. Its user-friendly design and advanced security features make it a valuable asset for modern teams. Spot is now available for use on its website.
Free + Starting at $10/user/mo
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Virtual office