Slack GPT

AI tool to integrate language models in Slack.

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Slack GPT is an AI tool created to enhance productivity and communication within organizations. The tool is natively integrated into Slack, making it convenient for users to leverage the power of generative AI within the platform. Slack GPT offers an AI-ready platform that accommodates various language models through custom and partner-built integrations like OpenAI's ChatGPT or Anthropic's Claude.
The tool also features AI-powered conversation summaries and writing assistance, enabling users to automate repetitive tasks such as form-filling and report writing. Additionally, Slack GPT includes the Einstein GPT app, which uses trusted Salesforce Customer 360 data and Data Cloud to provide customers with AI-powered insights.
Emphasizing user trust, Slack GPT ensures that all data outputs are relevant to businesses and doesn't compromise data privacy. With the newly available next-generation platform for developers, custom integrations with various AI models are easier to build.
Slack GPT is designed to bring a more intelligent and intuitive approach to work and promises to facilitate the effective use of valuable internal company knowledge. Slack GPT is a game-changer for organizations with a modern and versatile approach to workflow automation.
Use Case
ChatGPT for Slack
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