Conversational AI for macOS

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Sidekick is an AI tool that facilitates the use of ChatGPT, a popular conversational AI system, on macOS. Developed by August Wester, this tool offers an accessible and convenient interface for interacting with ChatGPT, similar to how Spotlight functions. ChatGPT is an advanced conversational model built by the renowned research institute OpenAI.
To use Sidekick, users must acquire their own API key from OpenAI, which grants access to the ChatGPT system. Once the API key is obtained, Sidekick is free to use. This open-source tool serves as an efficient way for macOS users to quickly access ChatGPT and explore its capabilities.
Users can conveniently download Sidekick from the creator’s website, and the privacy policy for the tool is readily available. This assurance that users’ privacy is respected while using the app is important.
Overall, Sidekick is a useful and intuitive tool for anyone seeking to experiment with conversational AI, providing a user-friendly interface to access ChatGPT on their Mac.
Use Case
ChatGPT on Mac