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Fast and easy audio transcription tool.

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1.0 | AI Tools
ScribeBuddy is an innovative AI-powered tool that facilitates audio and video transcription, translation, and subtitle creation. With its swift and efficient automated transcription process, ScribeBuddy streamlines these tasks for content creators, marketers, coaches, and other professionals. Users can simply upload their audio, video, or other files and the software generates text, subtitles, blog posts, or articles within minutes. With support for 70+ languages, ScribeBuddy ensures that transcription and subtitles can be created in any language.
ScribeBuddy comes with powerful features such as speaker identification and tagging, enhancing the accuracy and precision of the transcription. Transcripts, subtitles, and articles can be easily generated from existing audio or video files, improving search rankings and reaching new global audiences. Moreover, ScribeBuddy requires no technical skills and is simple and user-friendly. With the added benefit of a 14-day money-back guarantee, ScribeBuddy is a reliable and effective transcription tool that can be accessed through a three-step process: logging in to the dashboard, uploading a file and receiving the transcription in a matter of minutes.
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