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ScholarTurbo is an innovative AI tool that allows users to engage with PDFs in an interactive and conversational manner. With the power of ChatGPT, users can upload any PDF and ask questions about its contents, enabling them to quickly extract the information they need. The tool offers both free and paid versions, with the latter supporting GPT-4 for even more advanced functionality.
Privacy is a top priority for ScholarTurbo, and the tool uses cookies to analyze traffic and enhance the browsing experience. These cookies are categorized into six types: Necessary, Functional, Analytics, Performance, Advertisement, and Uncategorized. Necessary cookies are essential for enabling basic functionality, while Functional cookies allow specific features such as social media sharing. Analytical cookies provide insight into how visitors are interacting with the website, while Performance cookies monitor the website's key performance indicators. Advertisement cookies provide personalized content based on users' browsing history, and Uncategorised cookies are analyzed for classification.
In addition to its powerful PDF chat capabilities, ScholarTurbo offers a helpful support team that users can reach out to for feature requests, bug support, and general assistance. With its various functionalities and user-friendly interface, ScholarTurbo is a valuable tool for anyone looking to make PDFs more interactive and accessible.
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