AI-powered summarizing tool for documents.

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Scholarcy is an innovative online tool designed to make assessing and evaluating the importance of documents easier and more accessible. Whether it's articles, reports, or book chapters, Scholarcy generates flashcards summarizing any document in Word or PDF format, presenting the information in a structured and user-friendly manner.
This AI-powered tool includes automatic reference extraction, open access source linking, and figure, table, and image extraction features to improve the summarizing process.
In addition to its summarizing capabilities, Scholarcy offers a convenient Chrome and Edge browser extension that integrates with open-access repositories, making it easier to build a searchable collection of summary cards accessible from any device.
Scholarcy is an invaluable resource for researchers, students, journalists, librarians, and anyone who needs to quickly digest large amounts of information and save valuable time. Its user-friendly interface and advanced technology make it a must-have for those who need to stay on top of their game.
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Academic research