SafeGPT 5.0

Quality assurance browser extension for LLMs

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5.0 | AI Tools
SafeGPT is a powerful and adaptable platform designed to help users identify and address errors, biases, and privacy issues in ChatGPT and other Large Language Models. With its browser extension, SafeGPT acts as a safety net for ChatGPT users, providing real-time identification of wrong answers and unethical biases that could have serious financial and societal implications. The dashboard provides alerting and root-cause analysis capabilities, enabling users to track the performance of their LLM system.
For LLM developers, SafeGPT offers a flexible quality assurance platform that creates customized tests specific to business needs. SafeGPT caters to all types of LLMs, including ChatGPT, and uses real, up-to-date data cross-checked against external databases to compare answers and check their robustness. It also provides enterprise-ready features to ensure the safety of LLMs, with a flexible, serverless backend that can scale from zero to billions of requests per day. SafeGPT prioritizes privacy and security, offering an on-premise installation option and encrypted data, adhering to regional regulations.
Users who join the waitlist gain early access to SafeGPT, with initial free personal use followed by premium and enterprise solutions. Pricing is discussed with customers after subscribing. SafeGPT aims to tackle various safety issues in LLMs and seeks to develop the right methods for these open problems while also inviting feedback for further improvement.
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ChatGPT monitoring