AI software for election monitoring

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Revisor is a neural network-based software package designed to revolutionize the process of monitoring electoral procedures. This cutting-edge system utilizes computer vision technology and is significantly more cost-effective than traditional methods.
Revisor operates by detecting physical objects and tracking voting events with remarkable precision (up to 98% accuracy). It boasts a trainable neural network feature, enabling users to customize the software to work with various voting procedures and electoral systems across different countries.
This innovative system can detect multiple types of violations and expedite manual recounts. Revisor can be applied to operations based on video recordings, providing timely and accurate results for post-election analysis. The system is an efficient and affordable option for counting the number of actual voters, identifying polling stations with falsified turnout, and drafting formal complaints.
Revisor has successfully detected numerous discrepancies between official and actual turnout at polling stations, enabling users to address criminal activity and uphold electoral procedures. Overall, Revisor is an effective AI tool that leverages neural networks for election monitoring, enhancing transparency and accountability in electoral processes.
Use Case
Elections analysis