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Rephrase's AI technology revolutionizes businesses' ability to produce hyper-personalized videos for their customers and stakeholders on a large scale. Industries such as e-commerce, real estate, and BFSI benefit from Rephrase's unique approach to customized customer journeys, marketing campaigns, and stakeholder communications. The technology employs digital avatars of real humans to create videos that are both engaging and highly personalized. Rephrase's end-to-end execution of personalized video campaigns consists of four simple steps: Ideate, Create, Publish, and Analyze.
Not only can companies monetize their digital avatars with Rephrase, but they can also integrate them with their CRM and messaging tools. The company also offers API access, a WhatsApp for Business bot, and email capabilities to distribute their videos. Rephrase AI is the trusted choice of over 50 leading brands, including Cadbury Celebrations, White Hat Jr., Raymond Realty, BookMyShow, Symphony, and Castrol India Limited, to create highly successful videos that consistently deliver impressive results.
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