AI coding assistant for developers.

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Description is an innovative coding assistant tool that pairs developers with an AI system to enhance their productivity and coding experience. With an extensive range of features, including code completion, refactoring, and chat, enables programmers to complete coding tasks more quickly and delegate repetitive or tedious tasks to the AI system.
The comprehensive AI toolbox provides developers with a more efficient and reliable coding experience by analyzing existing code for bugs, productivity, and other issues. This tool is compatible with modern languages and frameworks, and can analyze code complexity, suggest potential code completions, identify code that requires refactoring, and generate patches to fix bugs.
The AI-powered chat feature allows developers to interact naturally with the system without leaving their IDE, providing them with immediate help with coding tasks. prioritizes user privacy, enabling users to restrict access to specific files or projects and ensuring that no code is stored on the server side.
Designed to make programming more enjoyable and productive, is a user-friendly tool that aims to enhance the coding experience for developers. Whether you're looking to speed up your coding tasks or improve the quality of your code, offers a wide range of features to help achieve your goals.
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