Question Base

Generative AI for Slack questions

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Question Base is a cutting-edge tool designed to leverage the full potential of Slack channels. By harnessing the power of generative AI, it transforms Slack channels into a rich knowledge base that provides users with quick and accurate answers to their queries. With the use of Open AI technology, Question Base can detect when questions are asked and generate answers in seconds, drawing on the existing information present in Slack channels.
Aside from answering queries, Question Base also helps identify valuable insights from past conversations, minimizing dependencies on experts, and enhancing productivity. It requires little onboarding and can be added to Slack channels effortlessly. If it fails to answer a question, it will suggest up to five questions that may provide context.
Question Base is currently available in beta and is free to use, with pricing to be announced in 2023. Designed for hybrid work, users can rely on Question Base to get quick answers, surface key insights, and reduce dependencies, promoting a more efficient and productive work environment.
Starting at $80/mo
Use Case
ChatGPT for Slack