Quazilla by Squad

AI-powered personal coaching tool for goal setting and habit development.

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Quazilla is an innovative personal coaching tool that utilizes AI technology to help users establish and achieve their personalized goals and develop positive habits. The tool is powered by ChatGPT, a conversational AI agent that provides emotional support and assistance 24/7.
To keep users accountable and motivated, Quazilla sends daily reminders and offers encouragement to track their progress and stay focused. With a friendly AI monster as the coach, the tool is engaging and user-friendly and accessible via WhatsApp, making it easy to integrate into daily routines.
Quazilla features personalized coaching sessions tailored to the user's goals, habits, and preferences. Users engage in conversations with the AI coach, where they receive customized tips and recommendations. Quazilla is also part of Squad Habits, a group accountability app and habit tracker.
The tool's aim is to guide users towards a healthy and positive lifestyle by creating sustainable and enjoyable habits. Available for iOS devices, Quazilla can be downloaded from the App Store. Overall, Quazilla is an excellent tool for individuals seeking to establish healthy habits, achieve their goals, and receive positive encouragement all along the way.
  • https://www.joinsquad.co/quazilla?
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