Prompt Club

Free tool for testing OpenAI prompts.

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Prompt Club is a powerful and efficient playground for prompt engineers and developers, providing a fast and free platform to explore and experiment with OpenAI prompts. This innovative tool enables users to test, compare, and utilize generative AI in all its forms.
With the prompt editor, users can easily create and save prompts with input variables, utilizing them in the chat environment to generate text, code, and more. By selecting the desired AI model and controlling the randomness, users can tailor the tool's behavior to their unique needs.
The original ChatGPT model is capable of processing up to 4,000 tokens per request, faster than the GPT-4 model, and excels in complex reasoning, coding, and creative generation in a human-like writing style. Additionally, the tool provides various parameters such as temperature, maximum tokens, top P, stop sequences, frequency penalty, and presence penalty that users can tweak to achieve their desired results.
Prompt Club's pay-per-usage model allows users to generate text, code, and more without committing to a monthly subscription. Moreover, the tool allows users to save prompt templates, enabling them to create prompts once and use them multiple times with different input variables.
In summary, Prompt Club is an excellent tool for prompt engineers and developers looking to experiment with generative AI models. With the tool's user-friendly interface and versatile features, users can take their AI development to new heights.
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