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Productful is an AI-powered tool that empowers content creators and website builders to create stunning illustrations for their creative projects. This user-friendly tool requires no artistic skills, making it accessible to a broader audience. With over 80 illustration styles to choose from, users can find the perfect fit for any project, including website illustrations, logos, presentations, social content, and more. Creating illustrations with Productful is a simple four-step process. Firstly, users fill in a field with the image they desire to generate and make the prompt as descriptive as possible. Secondly, users select from a vast range of styles such as watercolor, pencil sketch, and cartoon. Thirdly, users click on the "submit" button after choosing their preferred style, and the AI technology transforms their idea into hand-drawn illustrations. Lastly, users can download the unique illustrations and use them wherever needed.
In addition to a vast range of illustration styles, Productful offers several upcoming features, providing users with extensive possibilities to create captivating visuals. The tool's website is easy to navigate, with clear links to sign up, create, and the product pricing page. Using Productful can significantly reduce the cost of graphic design services and save countless hours learning graphic design skills. Overall, Productful is an excellent tool for content creators and website builders looking to create professional-grade illustrations with minimal effort.
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