Post Parrot

AI-generated Reddit post titles.

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Post Parrot is a digital marketing tool that leverages AI to optimize post titles on Reddit. Designed by Tone Row, this app aims to drive engagement by generating attention-grabbing post titles. It allows users to enter a minimum of 10 characters and a subreddit subject, and then generates titles that are more likely to capture the attention of readers.
In addition to its basic features, Post Parrot offers users an option to purchase additional credits, enabling them to generate even more post titles. The app has a privacy policy, terms of service, and is available on the Product Hunt website.
By leveraging AI technology, Post Parrot streamlines the marketing process and helps users to create more engaging posts on Reddit. Its user-friendly design and range of features make it a valuable tool for digital marketers looking to boost their engagement on Reddit.
Use Case
Reddit post titles