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Accessible AI assistant for daily use.

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Pocket AI is an AI-powered assistant that aims to make the benefits of AI technology accessible to everyone. Created by a team of enthusiastic individuals, Pocket AI offers an extensive range of assistance and knowledge to individuals for both personal and professional use. The ultimate goal of the developers is to replace jobs held by humans with AI technology.
Users can add their personal AI contact number through WhatsApp at +1 (415) 650-2027 to start using Pocket AI. While voice calls and SMS are not yet available, continuous improvements are being made to enhance the overall experience. Users can also scan a QR code for a more convenient access option.
Pocket AI encourages users to ask any questions or seek assistance in any aspect of their daily lives. The Pocket AI team provides legal terms and conditions on their website, thus ensuring that their services follow ethical practices.
Overall, Pocket AI is a powerful AI assistant that is accessible to everyone, anywhere and anytime. Whether it’s providing expert knowledge or offering professional assistance, Pocket AI aims to make the benefits of AI technology readily available to all.
  • https://www.thepocketai.com/?ref=spottheai
Use Case
ChatGPT for Whatsapp