PixelPet 1.0

Cloud-based AI image generator for Photoshop.

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1.0 | AI Tools
PixelPet is a cloud-based AI tool that streamlines the image generation process for designers, marketers, artists, and anyone else looking to bring their ideas to life. With over 20 image generation models available, PixelPet generates high-quality images quickly and accurately within your Photoshop workflow. The tool requires no prior knowledge of AI and can be installed and utilized hassle-free with just a sign-up.
PixelPet aims to unlock creativity and provides a new level of efficiency and effectiveness for various professionals. Additionally, PixelPet provides powerful features such as inpainting, with control net and upscaling coming soon. This AI tool charges users only for what they use, which makes it a cost-effective option for generating images with a default image costing approximately 0.2 credits ($0.002). Furthermore, PixelPet provides a free trial with free credits for users to try the tool without needing to provide any credit card information.
Overall, PixelPet integrates cloud-based AI technology to provide a convenient and accessible solution for generating a large quantity of images with minimal effort. Users can easily experiment with new styles and ideas, visualize new products, and streamline their creative process within their existing Photoshop workflow.
Starting at $10/1000 credits
  • https://brain.pet/?ref=spottheai
Use Case
Image generation in Photoshop