AI-powered private browser history search

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Pinbot is a browser extension that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to help users search their browser history privately. This innovative tool uses a sophisticated algorithm to deliver accurate search results, even when users don't use the exact words in their search query. Pinbot also allows users to filter their results by specifying a date range, URL, or both.
To protect user privacy, Pinbot works offline with all computing processes running on the user's device. The tool also offers a user-first approach, featuring dark mode and plans to introduce more features in the future.
Pinbot was created by Kamil, who is committed to making AI developments available to all while maintaining user privacy. Kamil aims to make Pinbot a self-sustainable development that puts users' interests first. Users can share feedback and discuss Pinbot's development with Kamil on the Pinbot Discord server.
In essence, Pinbot puts users in control of their browser history search by maximizing AI technology for utmost accuracy and privacy. Users can easily search their browser history for relevant information while enjoying a seamless, user-friendly, and private experience.
Use Case
Search engine
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