Feedback on AI-generated images

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Pick a Pic is a unique open-sourced application designed for academic research in AI. Its purpose is to collect human feedback on AI-generated images through text. Users can generate images from text and rank them to contribute to the research project. The app is available to the public, with all code, data, and models being open-sourced.
To generate and participate in the project, users must authenticate via Google. The project's mission is to build the largest public dataset of human-feedback for text-to-image conversion. Currently, the app uses two models, Stable Diffusion 2.1 and ProtogenX 3.4, and the collected data will be periodically updated and released into the public domain.
Google TRC Program supports this project, and its goal is to enable academics to create innovative AI models with a focus on collecting human feedback on AI-generated images. The app is user-friendly, and its unique functionality makes it a valuable contribution to the AI research community.
  • https://pickapic.io/?ref=spottheai
Use Case
Image generation