Chat with AI-generated digital twins.

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Pheon is a unique AI-powered app that allows users to engage in conversations with digital replicas of real individuals, known as digital twins. These digital twins are created using an advanced AI-solution, customized to resemble their human "prototype" in terms of appearance, voice, and personality. Through interacting with a digital twin, users can truly understand someone's character, gain insight into their life story, receive emotional support, and even establish new friendships.
The digital twins are available 24/7, providing users with convenient access to their conversation partners whenever they want. Pheon also offers in-app purchase options like Puppy, Cookie, and Teddy Bear.
Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac with Apple M1 chip or later, Pheon has a 12+ rating due to mild profanity or crude humor, horror/fear themes, and references to alcohol, tobacco, or drug use. Its user-friendly interface and unique concept make it an interesting option for those looking to explore the possibilities of AI in communication.
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