AI-powered image generator with templates.

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Phantasmagoria is an image generating tool that leverages the power of AI to create unique images from users' imaginations. This cloud-based platform offers a seamless experience where users can generate images with a single click of the "Generate" button. To make image creation even easier, Phantasmagoria boasts a variety of templates that enable users to quickly generate themed images.
The platform offers a pricing plan that includes a free tier, thereby allowing users to access the image generation capabilities at a low cost. Phantasmagoria's extensive library includes over 2556 images, covering a diverse range of topics such as Young Harry Potter, Concept Art, Child Smoking, and more.
To further assist users, the platform offers support through a FAQ page and links to join their Zulipchat and Discord communities. These communities provide an opportunity for users to connect with other creators, discuss image generation techniques, and collaborate on new projects.
Phantasmagoria's user-friendly interface and AI-powered image generating capabilities make it a versatile and valuable tool for creators looking to explore and push their imaginations to new heights.
Starting at $20
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Image generation