People AI

Automated revenue intelligence platform

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Description is a revenue intelligence platform powered by AI, focused on automating manual data entry and providing actionable insights across management tools. The platform unifies and enriches all revenue activity, giving sales teams total visibility into deals and pipelines, identifying key personas in each account, and providing the right actions at the right time with the right people.
Implementing can have a significant impact on sales team performance, increasing revenue per representative, accelerating pipeline growth, maximizing account expansion and win rates. It also helps identify dormant and soft pipelines while finding real indicators of trouble. The platform is trusted by major corporations to drive revenue, having been credited with closing $131 billion in deals and increasing customer activity by 49%. can automatically create and maintain 140 million contacts, allowing sales teams to focus on building pipeline and closing deals. Its advanced AI technology removes the need for manual data entry and provides a deeper understanding of the sales process. The platform is highly effective in driving revenue growth and optimizing operations, making it an attractive solution for companies looking to maximize their sales performance. is accessible and user-friendly, and has become an essential tool for businesses seeking to unlock their sales potential.
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Data analytics